Abridged Vita


Department of Psychology
Yale University
Box 208205, New Haven, CT. 06520
(203) 432-4691   Fax (203) 432-7563


B.A. University of Iowa (1956)
M.A. University of Iowa (1958)
Ph.D. University of Iowa (1959)

Academic Appointments

Assistant Professor, Yale U. (1959-64)
Associate Professor, Yale U. (1964-69)
Professor, Yale U. (1970-89)
James Rowland Angell Professor, Yale U. (1989-2012) 
James Rowland Angell Prof. Emeritus, Yale U. (2012-)


1405 Ridge Rd.
North Haven, CT 06473
(203) 288-2338
Email: allan.wagner@yale.edu

Fellowships and Traineeships

Dpt. Army, Physical Science Trainee (1954)
NSF, Predoctoral Fellow (1958-59)
NIMH, Special Postdoctoral Fellow (1963-64)

Administrative Assignments

Dir., Psychobiology Program, Yale U (1970-74)
Dir., Graduate Studies, Psy., Yale U. (1982-83)
Chair, Dpt. Psychology, Yale U. (1983-89)
Chair, Dpt. Philosophy, Yale U. (1991-93)
Dir., Div. of Social Sciences, Yale U. (1992-98)

Scientific Societies: Offices and Recognitions

AAAS: Fellow (1971), Electorate Nominating Committee (1985-88), Council Delegate (1988-91)
Eastern Psychological Association: Board of Directors (1985-1988)
Society for Quantitative Analysis of Behavior: Secretary (1983-92)
Society of Experimental Psychologists: Fellow (1972), Howard Crosby Warren Medalist (1991)
American Psychological Assoc.: Fellow (1968); Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award (1999)
National Academy of Sciences: Member (1992)
Society for Computational Models of Associative Learning:Founding Member, Contribution Award (2009)
The Pavlovian Society: W. Horsley Gantt Medalist (2009)
Association for Psychological Science: Fellow (1988); William James Lifetime Achievement Award (2013)

National Advisory Appointments

National Institute of Mental Health, Experimental Psychology Research Review Committee (1968-71)
President’s Biomedical Research Panel, Behavioral Science Cluster (1975-76)
National Science Foundation: Psychobiology Panel (1984-85)
National Research Council: Comm. on Basic Research in the Behavioral and Social Sciences (1984-88)
Federal Bureau of Investigation: High Profile  Interrogation  Group, Research Committee (2011- )
National Research Council: Board of Behavioral, Cognitive and Sensory Science (2014-2017 )


Learning and Motivation, Assoc. Ed. (1969-74)
Animal Learning and Behavior, Assoc. Ed. (1972-74)
Journal of Experimental Psychology: ABP, Editor (1974-81)
Quantitative Analysis of Behavior, Co-Editor (1982-88)

Editorial Boards

American Journal of Psychology (1969-73)
Psychonomic Science (1971-72)
Experimental Animal Behavior (1982-85)
Annual Review of Psychology (1984-85)

Research Grants

National Science Foundation: G-13080 (1960-62), G-24015 (1962-64), GB-2432 (1964-65), GB-3523 (1965-67), GB-6534 (1867-69), GB-14834 (1969-71), GB-30299X (1971-74), BNS74-20521 (1974-77) BNS77-16886 (1977-80), BNS80-23399 (1981-85), BNS87-09680 (1987-91), BNS91-21094 (1992–96) IBN97-28896 (1998-99), IBN99-04432 (1999-2003).